Leadership Team

Carissa Sawyers – Owner

Carissa Sawyers has been involved in the competitive cheerleading industry for over 20 years as an athlete, coach, program director, judge, and choreographer for both D1 and D2 programs. The desire to start her own event productions company was fueled by the opportunity so many others had seemed to miss: that is to create a more impactful competition environment which consciously strives to teach participants about leadership, leaving them feeling empowered and successful no matter how the rankings finished. Now, along with her husband Alex, Carissa is bringing her vision to life through Rise Productions.

Carissa Sawyers and family

Kaitlyn White

Kaitlyn has been in the cheerleading industry for over 15 years as a coach, camp and program coordinator, and athlete. Her passion for cheer comes from an early age as an athlete but the true passion began when she started coaching in 2011 as a summer camp instructor, where she traveled all over the United States. She loves to see athletes get excited about learning new things and achieving them. Kaitlyn brings lots of administrative work and customer service experience to the table. With her skills, passion and many years of experience with student athletes she creates opportunities for students to become not only a better all-around athlete but sets them up for success outside of cheer! In her free time Kaitlyn enjoy spending time with her pets, going snowboarding in the winter and to the beach in the summer. She enjoys traveling when she can whether it’s with her teams or on vacation.

Kaitlyn White